Thursday, April 13, 2017

Seven "deadly" sins

Auhtor function: Romantic
Notion: Sins

I am a sinner. A beautiful sinner going up in flames in the eyes of the liars.
For who is not a sinner? Plummeting through the nine circles of hellfire below.
I lust. Therefore I sin.
But is lust so vulgar?
Skin against skin, hormones dancing in the air like fireflies. Moving to the beat of the hearts touching.
I glutton. Therefore I sin.
But is gluttony so disgusting?
Taking that last moist piece of mutton. Letting the salvia covered hungering teeth bore deep into the flesh.
I am greedy. Therefore I sin
But is greed so distasteful?
The grinning smile being reflected in the golden, freshly pressed coins weighing heavenly heavily in the leather covered pouch.
I am slothful. Therefore I sin.
But is sloth so unacceptable?
The soft mattress bends gently under the weight. A thousand feathers slowly lifts the mind far away. And the sun runs in circles.
I am wrathful. Therefore I sin.
But is wrath so abnormal?
The veins in the forehead pounding like hammers. A warmth lights the ears. There's only one path, and it is red.
I am envious. Therefore I sin
But is envy so shameless?
The stomach tightens, sickening, yet enlightening. Eyes like lightning shooting for what they want.
I am prideful. Therefore I sin.
But is pride so loathsome?
The rush of a hundred rollercoaster rides. The heart skips several beats. A smile stretching until sore. 


By choosing romantic, I can express what the different forms of the seven deadly sins, more or less, feels like when experienced in real life. The notion can also only be expressed through emotions, as they are about the human mind and body. If I had used the poet instead, I would not have been able to be this expressive. Lyrical functions have rules, that I would not be able to follow with this notion. The prophet could also be a great choice for the function. As a way of spreading the message of the seven deadly sins, and how they should not define one. In my writing I also tried to make sure that even though it was about sins, they would not appear as wrong. Even wrath with its warmth can be welcoming. 


  1. I would say that the essence of the seven deadly sins can be expressed very well through sensation as well as emotion. And your poem is a very good illustration of exactly that. Lines such as "The soft mattress bends gently under the weight. A thousand feathers slowly lifts the mind far away" are very sensual and give a bodily sensation of what lying in a feather bed is like. So not only emotion... But the romantic poet author function is definitely fulfilled very well in your text.

  2. First things first, you already got my attention with the seven deadly sins. Second, I think you did well by putting every single sin into a broader light by describing how those different (mostly ill regarded) emotions can work beneficially for the human mind. Envy was probably my favorite because you mentioned the enlightening effect it can cause. Awesome!

  3. I liked the "For who is not a sinner?" part, it caught my attention and makes the reader more inclined to go on :-)

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  5. You manage to maintain the function of the Romantic author: the author is present throughout the text and the reader is included into the author's thoughts.
    The incorporation of the deadly sins into your text is really funny and well thought :-)


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