Thursday, April 13, 2017

Have you heard?

Servant to sister
-You know dear sister, yesterday when I was changing the duke's sheets in his bedchamber. I noticed by the door that he had a visitor. They were discussing some business arrangement, until the duke decided to show the poor newcomer his art collection. He is always trying to impress people with his finest piece made by that charlatan Frá Pandolf. Yet none of the staff has actually seen said piece. I wonder what it could be.

Sister to customer
 -Wow, you really blow me away every time my sweet sir, I don't understand how you do it. I know you must have a lot of meetings to attend. But I just heard from my sister, you know the one who works for the duke, that he had a visit the other day. Apparently some man, who he was discussing important arrangements with. The duke then showed this visitor his most private painting, that not even the staff have laid eyes upon. Made by Frá Pandolf, and knowing that ladies man, his piece was probably of some woman. So whomever the visitor is, he must be, or be sent from someone special.
Customer to wife
 -I told you Patricia, I was at a meeting with the others from the club, I'm sorry it ran so late. But on my way home I heard the most curious thing about the duke, erh.. from.. some random civilian, doesn't matter who told me. Apparently the duke have had a visit by someone sent from high up the hierarchy, it would not surprise me if it was from the count himself. And no one knows what arrangement they have been negotiating, but it is apparently very personal. The duke even showed the visitor his most precious painting of some woman, made by the womanizer Frá Pandolf. It is so personal that the duke does not even want the staff to lay eyes on it. It's gotta be a portrait of the late duchess, because what could be more be more precious than one's wife, right?

Wife to friends 
 -Now girls, my husband just told me a peculiar story about our dear duke. It seems that the duke has had a visit from an emissary of the count. Together they have been negotiating some arrangements. Considering the duke is a widower, it would be likely for the negotiations to be about the counts daughter. But weirdly enough, after their arrangement, the duke showed the emissary a most private painting of his late duchess. Made by that scandalous Frá Pandolf. Not even the staff is allowed to look at it. Should not surprise me, I heard the late duchess was a woman whom the men were very fond of starring at.

Friend to baker
 -Hmm, I think I'll have two of these and a sweet bun for our boy at home. Say, have you heard about the emissary of the count visiting the duke. Apparently they have been arranging a  marriage with the counts daughter. Now the duke is already a widower to more than one duchess, but he keeps a secret painting away from the staff, which he showed the emissary. A portrait of his late wife, made by that rake called Frá Pandolf. Thing is, our former duchess was not only desired by the duke, but by his male staff as well. I don't understand how the duke could've handled it, I would be furious with jealousy.

 Baker to wife overheard by errand boy
  -Honey, I knew there was something going on with the duke. I told you, he always order the same amount of bread and pastries every week. Yet last week he ordered more than usual, and now I know why. He had an emissary of the count on visit. The seem to be arranging a marriage between him and the count's daughter. Yet the duke shared more than just marriage plans. He also shared a painting that no one is allowed to gaze upon. It appears to be a portrait of his late wife, made by the stud Frá Pandolf. Now many know that the late duchess was favored by men all around her, which drove the duke furious. Now that I think about it, the duchess' demise came so sudden. You don't suppose?¨

 Errand boy to chef
 -Here is your weekly delivery from the baker sir. All orders for the duke should be there. I have to ask, is it true? I overheard a conversation between my parents about the duke. That he ordered the demise of our late duchess because she lay with all the men around her. Because I heard that he had a visit and…

Chef to servant
 -Can you stir in the soup for a few minutes? Thanks. I just spoke with the errand boy, apparently it was an emissary of the duke who visited the other day. And guess what, I know about our duke's secret art piece, and there's a great tragedy behind it…

Servant to sister

 -You know dear sister, I helped the duke's chef out the other day, and do I have some juicy stuff to tell you.


  1. Ah, brilliant chain of gospel. A very ingenious way to get the whole story told indirectly by people not present in the original poem. Most impressively done!

  2. Very creative to use characters who are not in the poem, and to tell the "gossip" from so many point of views!

  3. Everyone likes to gossip! I love the spin you took on the original. Very creative.


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