Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Writing Game 8

Author: Poet
Notion: Hate

I wish to make it clear to thou, whom I hate.
I hope thou will suffer when thou enter Hell’s gate.
Doth thy mother even care for thee?
Thy cadaver put into the ground is what I wish to see.

But before thou shall feel the relief of death.
Thou must suffer whilst alive, until thy last breath.
I hopeth thy have some beautiful offspring, that deceases from cancer.
And whilst thou look to God for an answer,
on their graves I will act as a dancer.

Why doth I deserve this hate, thou may ask
For what thou did maketh not hating you an impossible task.
Thou stole the girl I loved, and took her as thy wife.
And for that intolerable action I wish to end thy life.


If I had chosen another author function, for example scribbler, this poem might come off as a homicidal threat, but by using the notion, hate, in a poem it comes off as an angry poet that blows off some steam through art. Furthermore, I wanted to make it sound Victorian in order to make it less dark, although it is still a dark poem.


  1. Well, that's not Victorian, exactly - but perhaps a botched version of a Victorian such as Tennyson, attempting late medieval English. But anyway, the hate comes through clearly. I wonder if the author function is simply that of a poet or if it mixes a bit of the prophet function in there too with the curses cast on the object of hatred.

  2. Dark, but still nice... somehow! ;)

  3. A very 'Jesper Hansen' poem. The answer->dancer lines in particular read very nicely.


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